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je lis trop

je lis trop is a newsletter with one girl's thoughts on certain books at a particular time. rather than straightforward recommendations, it is a list of fragments and associations, most of them quite personal. 


(in case you were wondering: je lis trop means “I read (too) much” in French)




january: plain white feeling

february: plots in 1996

march: what I witnessed

april: she who lives in Tokyo

may: the cafeteria 

june: I worry, worry

july: syrupy charm & crystal ball

august: fiery, azure, obscure 

september: notes on childhood 

november: red


january: powder, toast, allure 

february: paper dolls

march: dark night, red lights

may: working wonders

july: late checkout

august: silly but attractive

september: come into my world

october: lying in bed

november: silky eerie sights

december: two two two 


january: a glass of sparkling champagne 

february: jazz music by the candlelight 

march: warmth and a bird's cry 

april: in vogue 

may: insects and heat 

june: sandwiches in the village 

july: wine stains on a tablecloth 

august: cinnamon and wind 

september: nights in other places

october: eating a carrot cake 

november: a quiet month

december: a splendid year


december: for the love of cities 

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